Seller's FAQ


1. What is Shoppezo? is an online marketplace with the most exciting array of products sourced from across the world and India, including rural areas across the country. Therefore, on Shoppezo you will not only find high end luxury goods and branded products from across the spectrum, but even traditional Indian handicrafts and handloom products.

2. Why to choose this portal?

Shoppezo enables artisans and artists to sell directly to customers across the world through its Made In India program. By bypassing the middlemen, they are able to earn significantly higher returns for their products than what the traditional revenue model allows. Shoppezo makes this possible by providing artists and artisans with a digital gateway – the Shoppezo e-commerce portal – to showcase their products, decide the prices, and get the complete value of their product.


3. I would like to sell on How can I do this?

The first step is to register as a seller by filling out our online Registration Form. Please also check our Seller Agreement for further details about selling on Shoppezo.

4. What information do I have to give in order to register?

In the online form we ask you to give the store name, the company name, the registration category, your name, credentials for your account, the pick-up address to collect your goods, your official address, your bank account details, copy of proof of identity and the proof of address.

5. Can I register if I don ́t have a bank account?

No, unfortunately you cannot. The payment for the sold articles is transferred to a bank account. Payment in cash is not possible.

6. That is a lot of information. Why do you need so many proofing?

Shoppezo works only with checked and approved sellers that can be traced and only sell as per agreement. We also want to make sure that not only the goods are as required, but that the seller is also reachable and responsible when it comes to a return, questions about the items or any kind of complain.

7. I uploaded all the required information. What is the next step?

Our team verifies your data and will inform by e-mail as soon as you are approved as a seller, or if we need any more information.

8. What happens if I am approved?

When your seller account is approved, you have a confirmation from us and a verification e-mail to finalize your login. After you click on the verification link, your account is ready to start.

9. How can I customize my account?

After you first logged onto your seller account, please follow the on screen instructions to upload the images, specifications, details and prices of your items.

10.On which language shall I upload the product information?

Please upload all specification and product description in English.

11. In what currency are my products sold?

Products are sold on Shoppezo in Indian rupees.

12. Is there something I cannot post or upload?

Please kindly check our Seller Agreement in order to make sure you are familiar with all that can or cannot be posted on Shoppezo.

13.What kind of goods can be sold here?

First and foremost, on Shoppezo you can only sell legal items. No illegal trade is permitted on our website. We encourage our sellers to sell their own products and try to avoid retail and middlemen. All items sold on Shoppezo must be brand new and come with manufacturer's warranty, wherever applicable.

14. Do you work with commission? What are your payment terms?

We apply different commission rate on the different product groups. You can check this out as well as the payment terms here on our website.

15. In what currency do you pay?

We pay our sellers in Indian rupees.

16. I am selling different type of products. Can I have the same commission rate on them?

The commission rate is fixed on the given product groups and that is a general rule that applies to every seller. Please check more details in the Payment Policy.

17.What about payment conditions?

The payment is only released after the buyer received the purchased goods and is satisfied with them. To find more details about payment conditions, please check our Payment Terms for sellers and the Seller Agreement.

18. I need to invest in my business to be able to produce more. Can I have the payment for my products earlier?

Payments are only released after the buyer received the goods and there is no reclamation reported. Then payments are processed via bank transfer according to the Shoppezo Payment Cycle for Sellers that you find in our Payment Policy.

19.What is your policy regarding return and refund from the seller point of view?

Buyer protection is very important on Shoppezo, therefore we have a return and refund policy that protects the end consumers. Please find more details about it on our Return & Refund Policy Page.

20.Are there any charges in case of return and replacement?

In case of return and replacement, the followings apply:

a) For all seller related cancellations, penalty to be borne by the seller

b) Shipping and product pickup fee to be borne by seller for all order replacements.

c) Payment collection fee and shipping charges to be borne by seller.

21. I had a lot of orders in a short amount of time and I am now out of stock. I cannot fulfil all order requests. What shall I do?

In case you are out of stock due to high number of requests, you may cancel the orders that you cannot make. Please contact our Support team on to or for further details.

22. I received an order with an extra high number of items in it. What shall I do?

As per our Terms & Conditions there is a restriction on quantity and number on orders. If the actual order is not conform with this, you may cancel it. Please contact our Support team on to or for further details.

23. The product description displayed on Shoppezo is not valid, there are errors in in. What shall I do?

Please correct the information in your profile or contact our Support team on to or for further details and assistance.

24. I would like to apply a discount on my items, how can I do it?

You can set this in your profile or contact our Support team on to or for further details and assistance.

25. I changed the name of my company. How can I modify this information in my profile?

Please contact our Support team on to or for further details and assistance.

26. I have more than one companies. Does it mean I have to register with multiple seller accounts?

No, you are not supposed to operate on Shoppezo with multiple seller accounts. Please contact our Support team on to or for further details and assistance.

27.What else could be important for me if I want to sell on your website?

Before you become our seller please read and make sure that you are familiar with all of our policies, you accept and follow them during your seller activity on Shoppezo. Besides the earlier mentioned Seller Agreement, we encourage you to read our Malpractice Policy and the list of Prohibited Activities.

28. How can I contact you?

In case you wish to contact us, you can either use our online Contact Form; call our Customer Care Numbers: +91-80-32329999 or +91-87222-12345; send us an e-mail to or send us mail to corporate address: Shoppezo Retail Private Limited. G-03, Patels Nest, 33/2, Maruti Layout, Dasarahalli, Hebbal, Bangalore - 560024

29. Do you have a support team?

Yes, we have a support team that is available 24 hours by phone on +91-80-32329999 or +91- 87222-12345 or by e-mail at

30. On which language is your support available?

Support is available in English.