Malpractice Policy

1. Preliminary

Malpractice consists of those acts which undermine the integrity and validity of business, the certification of qualifications and/or damage the authority of those responsible for conducting the business and certification. The Company has a public duty to ensure that highest standards are maintained in the conduct of business. The proper discharge of this duty is essential to safeguard the legitimate interests of Seller's and Company's reputation. Malpractice is taken very seriously. The Company will take action against any seller who contravenes the policy through negligence, foolishness or by deliberate intent. Furthermore, Company does not tolerate actions (or attempted actions) of malpractice by the Seller or any of its affiliates, partners or agents.

2. Guidance to prevent or reduce learner malpractice

As a Company we always aim to take positive steps to prevent or reduce the occurrence of any malpractice. Below are examples of good practice that could be followed:

  • Providing service in a workman like manner.
  • Using your competence in proving the services of a seller, as per market standards.
  • Not be indulge with other market players to the Company or Company's reputation.
  • Not posting prohibited content on the website, as specified in the Seller's Agreement.
  • Making god use of Company's resources and help in promoting Company's brand name.

3. Dealing with Malpractice

The overall responsibility of dealing with malpractice lies with the Company. It could also under some circumstances be dealt by a person nominated by the Company. Once the alleged malpractice is suspected, alleged seller/personnel involved in the activity has to be informed in writing of:
a. Nature of alleged malpractice.
b. Possible consequences if malpractice is proven.
As a second step the seller is given a chance of explaining their point of view and also explained the appeals procedure where the decision is against them. The investigation is to be conducted in a fair and appropriate manner. Appropriate sanctions have to be levied Corporate Address: G-03, Patels Nest, 33/2, Maruti Layout, 1st Cross Dasarahalli, Hebbal Bangalore 560024 Office Address: # 1662/A/7, 1st Floor, Maruti Layout, 2nd Cross Dasarahalli, Hebbal, Bangalore 560024
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according to the nature of incident. Malpractice has to be dealt through disciplinary

4. Investigation

The Company will conduct investigation in a predefined and structured way, into the alleged incidents of malpractice. These investigations are supported by the Company and conduct by the person nominated by the Company. The structure of the investigation is as follows:

  • The report of alleged incident is documented.
  • The alleged seller is informed about the allegation of the malpractice in writing.
  • The alleged seller is then explained the right and procedures regarding appeal in case the incident is proven to be true.
  • The seller is then given time and opportunity to respond to the incident this has to be done in writing.
  • The response of the individual is then considered thoroughly.
  • The investigation is then completed and decision is then passed on to the seller in writing.
  • All stages of this investigation are to be documented and the records are kept for 1 year after the decision.

5. Penalties

There is a variety of sanctions and/or penalties that could be applied upon the seller. These sanctions totally depend upon the intensity of the incident and therefore vary in nature. Following are the few sanctions that could be applied if the malpractice is proven. Also, if the seller is found to carry out any of these activities at any point of time, reserves the right to enable legal proceedings on the seller and all the financial recovery will be borne by the seller:

  • The seller is issued with a written warning about future business conduct.
  • The seller involved in the malpractice, for the second time, could be temporary barred from trading in the Shoppezo Marketplace
  • In the case where there is repetitive conduct of malpractice by the seller, they may be permanently barred from trading on the Shoppezo Marketplace