About us

Shoppezo.com isn't just another e-commerce portal. It is an online marketplace with the most exciting array of products sourced from across the world and India including rural areas across the country. Therefore, on Shoppezo you will not only find high end luxury goods and branded products from across the spectrum, but even traditional Indian handicrafts and handloom products.

Shoppezo enables artisans and artists to sell directly to customers across the world through its Made In India program. By bypassing the middlemen, they are able to earn significantly higher returns for their products than what the traditional revenue model allows. Shoppezo makes this possible by providing artists and artisans with a digital gateway – the Shoppezo e-commerce portal – to showcase their products, decide the prices, and get the complete value of their product.

For customers, Shoppezo aims to be the one-stop-portal for all their needs. Designed to cater to the quality conscious urban population, Shoppezo features the latest products and the most profitable deals. With an unmatchable combination of high quality, great convenience and staggering variety of products, Shoppezo promises an altogether refreshing shopping experience.

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